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5 Quick Tricks to Reduce Holiday Stress

5 Quick Tricks to Reduce Holiday Stress

1.) Stop saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’.

Saying yes to everything is the fastest way to burn out.

Here are some easy ways to effectively say ‘no’.

“Thank you for thinking of me however, I have too much on my plate. I will let you know if anything changes.”

“I wish I could help with your project but I am already overloaded with family obligations. Thank you for thinking of me.”

“I would love to go but I am exhausted and need to take some time for myself to prepare for Christmas Eve.”

“Thank you for the invitation but we are completely booked this weekend, lets get together after the holidays.”

2) Try this Chinese stress relief tip.

The web between your thumb and forefinger is called the hoku spot in traditional Chinese medicine. Applying firm pressure with your thumb and pointer finger for just 30 seconds can reduce stress, alleviate headaches and tension in your upper body.

So if you start to feel overwhelmed by the holiday chaos, give your hand a squeeze and take a deep breathe. A precaution for this acupressure point is that it may induce labor, so soon-to-be-mamas should avoid this trick.

3.) Stop judging yourself and practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a natural quality that we all posses and has been described as being present in the moment. When we practice this state we observe our thoughts and feelings without labeling them as positive or negative. We go easy on ourselves and are less likely to judge ourselves or others.

Dr. Marlynn Wei, latest article in Psychology Today, explains that mindfulness is about being present in the moment – what’s happening “now” – both internally and externally, and has been shown to reduce stress in relationships, increase empathy, and reduce internal stress and anxiety.

4.) Commit to keeping things positive.

Go into each holiday gathering with a positive attitude and loving intention. There is no better time than now to forgive and let go of any past negative experiences. Envision only what you would like to see happen in a given situation as opposed to what you don't want to happen.

During interactions share positivism by expressing gratitude and mindfulness in each conversation. It's easier to maintain a positive attitude when you arrive in that mental state.

5) It's okay to ask for help.

If stress and anxiety affect your day to day life than it's time to make some changes. Its okay to ask for help. Reach out privately to a loved one, discuss how this has been affecting your life and look into treatment plans.

Hypnotherapy has been a proven method to overcome stress and anxiety. It allows people to focus intently on a specific problem and its resolution, while maintaining a comfortable state of deep relaxation. It also helps people to enhance control over their body responses, including stress responses.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help, call today and schedule a free consultation.

Find out more information on my website.

I hope this helps bring better health, happiness and joy to your holiday season!

All My Best,
Tesa A. Krouse

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Empowered by Hypnotherapy

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