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A Magical Night At Maria Corona

A Magical Night At Maria Corona

Having spent so much time in Mexico City, I've caught myself complaining about the lack of Mexican culture in Cabo San Lucas. After attending last night's dinner and show México, Magia y Tradición at María Corona restaurant, I'm eating my words. I'm going to try my best to describe this amazing experience, but honestly, my words can only do so much, you must go and see it for yourself.

Our Arrival

Maria Corona is a truly authentic Mexican restaurant in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. As soon as we pulled up to the restaurant, we were greeted by the friendly valet parking attendant. With such great service, there's no need to worry about finding parking on the busy streets.

In the courtyard, we were welcomed by nicely dressed Catrina and Catrines characters. The next thing I knew, we were posing for pictures (I only wish I would've worn something a little more Mexican inspired), so make sure you're photo ready!

After the photo op, we made our way inside the restaurant. The ambiance was very welcoming and softly lit. Artisans were selling handmade crafts, all with Mexican flair. With the dinner package comes an open bar and the waitstaff was quick to offer the beverage of our choice. With a cool drink in hand, we were led to the outside patio for dinner service. Let's just say the manner in which I was led to by table was extremely unique...and you'll have to experience it for yourself (I'm not giving away all the surprises!).

Dinner Service

Our beautifully decorated table

Our table was neatly decorated with Otomi embroidered table runners and dishware to match. Again, the waitstaff was quick to bring us anything we desired...I desired a Piña Colada and it was delicious! Dinner is presented in a series of mouthwatering courses.

Table-side entertainment, canaries that give you a horoscope

Max enjoying the festivities

My yummy Piña Colada

The first course was a trio of green salsa, guacamole and Mexican salsa (tomatoes, onions and cilantro). If you know me personally, you know I'm not a veggie eater - but the food was so impressive, I took a chance and went for it. The guacamole was superb and I couldn't get enough of it. The green salsa was also to die for. I didn't quite try the Mexican salsa because it's too chunky for my non-veggie self but my husband loved it enough to eat most of it himself!

We were brought a ceviche shooter, filled with yummy shrimp. Again, not a huge veggie eater so I shared mine with my 2 year old son, Max. Just like my husband, Max loved the shooter (who knew a 2 year old would like ceviche?!).

Once the staff saw how excited Max was for the ceviche, they offered to make him his own quesadillas. He isn't usually a big quesadilla eater, but he ate them before our next course could be served. 

At this point, I needed a fresh drink so I asked our server to surprise me, and he sure did. He brought me a house margarita made with pomegranate. The drinks are very generous and this was so refreshing!

Tortilla soup was the next course and it was a favorite of mine. They brought the ingredients out in a small bowl and the server poured a creamy tomato broth into each bowl to complete the hot soup. It was one of the best I've had.

Next up was pork made with achiote sauce. It was accompanied with with beans and handmade corn tortillas. The pork was so tender, it split with just the touch of my fork. And if you're vegan or vegetarian, they can make substitutions to accommodate you.

I'm not a lush but I was ready for my next drink. I ordered a mojito. The fresh mint mojito was a perfect way to perk up before the dinner show was about to begin.

Our main course was chicken in their homemade mole sauce. I'm picky about my mole (mole, mole, mole!!!) and this one was definitely one of my favorites. This dish was also accompanied with rice in a banana leaf. 

The final course was a dessert sampler and my only complaint was that I wanted more! The sweet corn muffin and sweet potato desserts were my favorites. My husband is not a dessert guy but, to my utter disappointment, he finished his dessert (I was hoping to finish his for him!).

The Show

With my 2 year old in tow, I was worried that he might not be able to sit very long and I thought maybe we'd have to sneak out early. Max did get a little restless after dinner, but once the show started, he perked right up.

The show is an incredible mix of mariachi, ballet, tap, and the music is so incredible that it sucks you in and transports you to mainland Mexico. The show focuses on the history and traditions of 4 influential states of Mexico.

I don't want to give away all the surprises of what the show has to offer - but I can guarantee, you will not find anything like it in Cabo. Better yet, you haven't seen anything like this.

This experience at Maria Corona is not to be missed. I love that it appeals to everyone. I loved watching the reaction on my 2 year old's face and even my husband who is from Mexico City, was extremely impressed by the authentic food and the deep culture that the show brought to everyone in the audience.

The show is every Tuesday and Wednesday night, and dinner is served by 7pm. The doors open at 6:00 and I recommend that you arrive by 6:30 to take advantage of the whole experience. Also, if you're a local, don't forget to ask for the local discounted rate.

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