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Where to Eat in Cabo: Casual Restaurants

Where to Eat in Cabo: Casual Restaurants

There are some restaurants that seem to make the top 10 tourist list again and again. But where are the real gems that locals crave on a regular basis?

We rounded up some of our top picks in a variety of cuisine types to fill you in on what flavors can be discovered here in Baja.

Where to go when you're craving fish tacos?

Let's get this one out of the way. There are endless options for fish tacos in Baja. In fact, we're kind of known for the dish.

However, we are going to go out on a limb and say that Gardenias continues to be the top choice for fresh seafood and delicious tacos.

Not only is there food incredible, their prices fit every budget.

Where to go when you're craving sushi?

Sometimes you need sushi that's truly done right. If you looking for a sushi chef that is truly passionate about what he does  check out The Fish sushi.

Not only does this restaurant feature freshly caught fish on a daily basis, but it has now grown to include a Kamikaze sushi option for the adventurous sushi lover.

Where to go when you're craving Chinese?

There's one Chinese restaurant in Cabo that seems to be packed on the regular. And for good reason.

Restaurant 168 offers some of the best Chinese food in Baja, with full-sized serving at an unbeatable price.

Where to go when you're craving pizza?

If you looking to get your pizza fix, surprisingly enough it's not the Italians that are doing it right in Cabo. It's the Argentinians.

We believe it's worth taking the drive to San Jose for some authentic wood-fired pizza, in a quaint and cozy atmosphere.

Not to mention the adorable BYOB option.

When you're craving a really good breakfast?

Sometimes you're just in the mood for an incredible eggs Benedict. In this case, it's time to head to San Jose and check out Habaneros.

The restaurant has been a favorite among locals and tourists for years, with their variety of delicious benedicts taking a good chunk of the credits.

After all, who can turn down a parogie  Benedict? Bacon and potato chips for breakfast? We are in.

Where to go when you're trying to keep it clean?

We have seen a rapid increase in the health-oriented restaurants here in Cabo. One that stands out to us is the Pokey shop located in the Walmart shopping center.

This option makes it easy to please anyone, with build your own poke bowls that can be piled high with your favorite fresh ingredients.

This is a particularly great option if you have small picky eaters, as it allows your kiddos to pick out exactly what goes into their bowls. Problem solved.

Where to turn when you're feeling hungry?

Looking for more delicious options in Baja? Check in with our blog for new businesses and restaurants added on a daily basis.

You'll find that Baja offers a variety of delicious options from Indian to vegan all waiting for you to give it a try.

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