Imagine a place where you didn't have to search countless Facebook groups or search mindlessly for websites only to find outdated information.

Luckily for you, Local Baja is here to save the day.

Who Is Local Baja?

We are Local Baja. We're an online community serving Los Cabos. We help families navigate their life in Baja (Los Cabos area). The Baja community is friendly, helpful, and filled with "tribal" knowledge. 

We unite and inspire our community by providing fresh, current information that highlights the Baja lifestyle. We hope that you enjoy all that Local Baja has to offer so that you can live your life, Baja-style. Not in Baja? Don't worry, we have plenty of great information for everyone!

Why Local Baja?

I first vacationed to Los Cabos in 2014. And I fell in love.

Los Cabos was an easy choice. The weather was perfect (although it does get pretty hot!), the town was quaint, and it wasn't too far from my family in Seattle. 

Moving to another country was difficult, life after the hurricane was hard, and not speaking Spanish made it even harder for me to adapt. Finding information about life in Cabo had been difficult; internet search results were outdated and there were just too many Facebook groups to keep track of. 

As many now-locals know, the first year in Cabo can be a tricky one which is why I created Local Baja. I hope Local Baja makes life easier for you by providing a centralized resource for all things Baja!

-Wendy Castellanos